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Our highly-trained Health & Wellness Interns are excited to facilitate an interactive and fun workshop for your group. Health & Wellness Interns do workshops on Mondays and Tuesdays only. Please limit your request to those days. Please fill in the fields below to request a workshop.

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  • Workshop times are Mondays and Tuesdays 6-7pm, 7-8pm, 8-9pm
  • For preparation purposes, requests made 14 days or more in advance from workshop date are preferred
  • Be sure to check out our weekly Wednesday workshops

Available Workshops

  • Alcohol and Drugs

    Current Workshops

    High Risk Drinking
    Understand alcohol poisoning, blood alcohol content, and how to reduce your risk.

    What’s the deal with California vs. Federal marijuana laws? What are the potential medical benefits? Are there health risks and is marijuana addictive?

    Drug Jeopardy
    Test your drug and alcohol knowledge while engaging in healthy competition, in this fun and interactive game show. Topics will include cocaine, GHB, tobacco, meth, MDMA, and more.

  • Healthy Eating and Living

    Current Workshops

    Healthy Eating for the College Student
    Tips for Eating Well and Snacking in the Dining Commons and/or Isla Vista

    Debunking the Diet/Muscle Building Hype
    Why Diets Don’t Work and How to Reach/Maintain a Healthy Weight for YOU

    The "Perfect" Body
    Deconstructing Media Images, Exposing Fat Talk and Learning How to Love Your Body.

    Staying Healthy In Stressful Times
    Tips for Taking care of YOU When Times Get Tough

  • Relationships and Sexual Health

    Current Workshops:

    Increase communication, intimacy, and orgasms in your partnerships and develop skills on how to communicate your needs and desires to others to increase pleasure.

    Relationships can be tough! Come explore different types of intimacy, learn how to find what you’re looking for in an ideal partner, and build skills to have positive, successful relationships.

    Sex Jeopardy
    This interactive “game show” tests your knowledge of birth control methods, sexually transmitted infections, intimacy, communication, resources, and more! Facts and fun rolled all into one!

  • Wellness

    Current Workshops:

    Beyond Pleasure

    There is more to happiness than just pleasures! Learn about the benefits of using positive emotions in daily life and how to turn short term pleasures into long term enjoyments.

    Labyrinth Tour

    Explore one of UCSB’s resources for personal wellness with a guided tour. Students learn about labyrinths and mindfulness. Available daylight hours or on the full moon.


    Learn about research-based interventions that increase happiness in this fun and thought-provoking presentation. Students learn to identify and use their strengths.

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