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About Us



UCSB Health & Wellness Program promotes the mental, physical and social health of all students by enhancing individualskills and positive relationships with families, peers and the UCSB/Isla Vista community.

Health & Wellness staff works within a comprehensive research-based framework to foster healthy campus learning environments that nurture optimal student development, resilience and well-being.

Thrive at UCSB

The UCSB Health & Wellness Program (H & W) is housed within the Division of Student Affairs to support Student Mental Health Services. Based on best practices in health promotion, positive development and universal prevention,Health & Wellness:

  • promotes skills that enhance both mental and physical health
  • provides multiple opportunities for positive, proactive student engagement throughout the academic year
  • fosters positive relationships with knowledgeable and caring staff
  • encourages students to take on new roles and responsibilities, master challenges, and contribute to their community
  • works collaboratively with students, staff, faculty, parents and community members
  • increases access to healthy environments and resources
  • tailors prevention efforts to UCSB students
  • evaluates programs and services to insure positive outcomes


H & W fosters the healthy development of all students through a unique set of services that promote individual skill development and healthy campus learning environments. These include:

The UCSB Wellness Collaborative
Representatives from 18 campus departments collaborate to provide the following services to UCSB students:

  • Website: Students connect to wellness resources and activities. Over 75 event calendars have been consolidated, receiving over 6,000 hits per day
  • Weekly Wellness Centers: Students meet with Wellness resource professionals in high-traffic locations
  • The Bridge: Students explore different health and wellness resources each week in the Santa Catalina Residence Hall
  • Programs provide evening and weekend activities
    • Faculty- Student “Night” Programs create engaging connections outside of the classroom
    • Weekend field trips include hikes, visits to art museums, volunteering, sailing trips, and food tastings
    • Dog Therapy Day brings therapy dogs to campus during finals week
  • Prizes incentivize attendance at “Passport to Wellness” events
  • Leadership Opportunities: Students use research-based activities to thrive mentally, physically, and socially through the Health & Wellness Internship program.

Education 191 W: Wellness

Students in this 4 unit class study best practices in health promotion, positive development and universal prevention. Through lecture, discussion and activities, students learn how to enhance well-being through research-based interventions, including individual skill development and engagement in healthy environments. Through Individual skill development, students learn and practice health and life skills. Health skills include healthy eating and living; sexual health and relationships; alcohol; and wellness. Life skills include emotional, cognitive and interpersonal behaviors that enhance well-being. Students also learn about creating and sustaining healthy supportive environments through collaborative work with peers, staff, faculty, parents and community members. Students have the opportunity to strengthen their newly learned skills by applying them to daily life and by joining the Health & Wellness Corps.

Health & Wellness Internships

We offer five Health & Wellness Internships:

  • RHA Health & Wellness Chairs (HAWC)
  • Pre-Corps
  • Corps
  • Interns
  • Leaders
  • Visit internships to learn more and to get involved.

  • Awareness Events

    Throughout the year, Health & Wellness staff, student leaders and Corps volunteers host and participate in events. These events make accurate and relevant health and wellness information regularly available in high traffic areas on campus and in Isla Vista. Skill based messages encourage healthy social norms and create dialogue about critical health issues such as nutrition, body image, alcohol, and sexual health. Some activities to watch for are: Haunted House of Health; Love your Body Day; Sex Affair; and World Kindness Day.

    Student Workshops

    Corps Interns facilitate workshops for campus organizations and residence halls. Presentation styles include group discussion and interactive exercises. Workshops are available on a wide variety of health topics, including: life skills; healthy eating and living; sexual health and relationships; alcohol and other drug responsibility; and wellness.

    Consultation, Training & Lectures

    H & W staff consults with and provides training to faculty, staff and student leaders interested in positive student development. Guest lectures for academic classes are also available from professional staff on a variety of topics.

    RHA HAWCs (Health and Wellness Chair)

    RHA Health and Wellness staff works with first year students in their residence halls. In the fall, as a part of the Residence Hall Association leadership, one student from each building is elected to be a Health and Wellness Chair. RHA HAWCs serve as a bridge between Residential Life and Health & Wellness Programs. They provide information, programming and resources to their peers. In return RHA HAWCs receive professional development and connections to caring peers and staff in the H & W community.

    Evaluation & Research

    Coming soon.

    Additional Resources

    H&W provides high quality and accurate educational handouts in the Student Health lobby and on the web at Resident Assistants and other intermediary staff are also welcome to check out bulletin board displays and other facilitation tools in Health & Wellness reception.

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