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Clinical Health Peer Program

Clinical Health Peer Program

Clinical Health Peers: Intro Certification

Tuesday, January 14 | Student Resource Building, Multi-Purpose Room | 6:00 PM - 8:00 PM


Become a certified Clinical Health Peer! Join us for our first medical prevention and education training focused on training students about common medications, vaccines, basic first aid, prevention methods, and local resources. You will be trained to be a liaison between your peers, Health & Wellness, and Student Health. 250 Wellness Points.


This is an introduction to educating and informing students about healthcare/health tips on campus as well as prevention within Isla Vista. After the certification, unique to UC Santa Barbara, students can then become involved in volunteer opportunities within student health and on campus. There will be biweekly meetings throughout the quarter to discuss current health trends on campus. After one year of participation, students can become specialty-trained to further their education in areas that they are interested in and participate in more specialized opportunities.