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UCSB Safer Sex Peers Certification Training | Unit A

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Become a sex-pert at your residence hall! You'll receive free contraceptives to give out and learn all about safer sex. If you live in the Residence Halls, you can become a certified UCSB Safer Sex Peer. This 2 unit training will cover all the basics of safer sex at UCSB including communication, gender, sexuality, pleasure, sex toys, STIs, hormonal contraception, and barrier methods. You'll receive a door dec, stickers, buttons to identify you as a trained peer; condoms, lube, and various forms of contraception to hand out to residents; and a manual to refer to for referring students to services on campus. An additional 1 hour training on kink, bdsm, and sex toys in the Winter is required to maintain your certification. 300 Wellness Points upon completion of series. 

You only need to attend one training for unit A.
You only need to attend one training for unit B.
Students who complete and pass both unit A & B trainnings will be certified.

Tuesday | Santa Rosa Residence Hall Main Lounge | 6:00-8:00pm


Sexual Health


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