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Dear UCSB,

As part of a new campus initiative to foster connection and address feelings of isolation during the COVID-19 pandemic, Health & Wellness has developed the Dear UCSB letter-writing project. 

We are asking students, staff, and faculty members to write letters to UCSB communities, groups, individuals, ceremonies, locations, or anything UCSB they feel connected to and share words of encouragement, solidarity, and understanding. 
If you would like to get involved with the Dear UCSB project, please submit your letter/video/audio at Dear UCSB.


Dear UCSB Perfectionist by Joanna Hill, Health & Wellness Educator

COVID mantras for those who feel like they aren't doing enough

- It is ok to feel like you are not doing enough, that is because you care. 

- It is ok to feel heavy and slow, those feelings will pass eventually.

- It is ok to feel scared for at-risk family members, isolated friends, underpaid essential workers, people who lost jobs, people who lost loved ones, there are a lot of scary issues that are out of our control.

- It is ok if you aren't baking sourdough and just have cereal for dinner. 

- It is ok if you don't brush your teeth or make your bed (though you'll probably feel better if you do).

- It is ok to be tired of zooming friends, hanging out in person is better.

- It is ok to be sad about canceled birthday parties, postponed weddings, vague graduation plans.

- It is ok to miss swimming, and coffee shops, and camping trips, and going to the movies, they will be back.

- It is ok to feel all the feels, sometimes all at once. 

- It is ok to feel hopeful, it's not silly to hope maybe we will get out of this for the better.

- It is NOT ok to be critical of yourself, we are amidst a global pandemic, you just do the best you can.

The world needs more kindness. starting with yourself.

Mallory Russell, Health & Wellness Educator