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Field Trips

Looking for something fun to do this weekend? Join Health and Wellness for field trips around UCSB and Santa Barbara! These field trips are great ways to try new things, meet new people, and promote your physical, social, and mental well-being. Absolutely everybody is welcome so bring your friends!

Wellness Field Trips are open to the entire UCSB community: tell your friends, roommates, family, staff members, and professors to join in the fun! 

October 8, 10am-12pm
Meet in front of SRB @ 9:45am

With a campus that borders the ocean, UCSB students have a unique opportunity to experience some amazing wildlife! Join us on a trip to the REEF, an interactive aquarium designed to provide visitors with more insight on ocean life, followed by a relaxing hike to the UCSB Labyrinth to observe some of the breathtaking views that UCSB has to offer. Students will meet in front of the SRB (Student Resource Building) at 9:45 am and walk to the local Goleta bluff where they can cherish the little creatures at the aquarium and enjoy the serenity of the labyrinth.

October 9, 10am-7pm
Meet in front of SRB @ 10am
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The Museum of Tolerance aims to combat bigotry and discrimination within society through education. It not only provides information about the history of the Holocaust, but curates exhibits that promote understanding and challenge visitors to take it upon themselves to become a champion of positive change. On Sunday Oct. 9, students have a chance to expand their hearts and minds at this unique organization that has been deemed a “must-see” attraction in Southern California. Transportation and entrance tickets will be provided. Students should bring a UCSB student ID, comfortable shoes, and a lunch.

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