Grad Student Services

Upcoming Events:
Massage Buddy Workshop
Where: SRB MPR
When: Wednesday, May 3rd, 4:45-6:15pm
Details: Bring a buddy and learn some basic massage techniques from a certified massage therapist. Tea & snacks provided. RSVP at    

Gratitude Ice Cream Social
Where: SRB MPR
When: Monday, May 22nd, 1-3pm
Details: What are you grateful for? Ice cream? Your loved ones? Puppies? Graduate students are invited to enjoy free McConnell's ice cream and write a gratitude letter to someone special.Free McConnell’s ice cream with Grad Student ID.

Weekly Events:
Nap Station

When: Every Monday
Where: Building 434, Room 147
Details: Our Nap Station provides students a safe, comfortable and cozy place to nap in the center of campus. Mondays are graduate students only!

Wellness Center
When: Every Thursday
Where: MCC Building 2nd Floor
Details: Our Drop-In Wellness Centers provide students opportunities to meet with Wellness resource professionals, receive chair massages from a certified massage therapist, and grab fresh fruit. Centers are open weekly 12pm-2pm.