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Sexual and Relationship Health

Sexual Health

Learning about pleasure, safer sex practices, PrEP, PEP, as well as making condoms and dental dams a part of our culture at UC Santa Barbara can increase sexual satisfaction and health. The best way to get started is to learn about your resources and find out how you can get more information, get tested regularly, get vaccinated, get free condoms, or get a prescription for birth control.

Sexual Health Tips

Tip #1
Sexual consent is defined as obtaining an informed, sober, verbal, enthusiastic “Yes” from a sexual partner(s). Consent can be revoked at any time.
Tip #2
You can get STI testing for free at Student Health under the UC SHIP plan. Another option is to visit the Santa Barbara Pacific Pride Foundation located downtown, IV Neighborhood Clinic, or Planned Parenthood. Websites for more information: &
Tip #3
Talking about past sexual histories, establishing a monogamous relationship (if in open relationship, always use protection), getting tested, and obtaining latex barriers to use during penetration are ways to prevent STIs. 

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Condom Distribution Program at UCSB

The Condom Distribution Program at UCSB is a free service dedicated to encouraging safer sex by making condoms at UCSB accessible, attainable, and acceptable (sex-positive and normalized). Condom Dispensers are located across campus and in the residence halls and are filled with free lubricated condoms for anal and vaginal sex, and non-lubricated for safer oral sex. The program is a partnership between the Department of Health & Wellness, RHA, RCSGD, and The Women's Center. Please note that during the summer months, condoms will be available only at select locations. Click below to find a Condom Dispenser near you! If you're a department that is interested in distributing condoms as well, please contact

Condom Dispenser locations

Residence Halls
Santa Cruz | Lobby Women's Restroom Rm. 1013
Anacapa | Lobby ADA All Gender Restroom Rm. 1015
Santa Rosa | Lobby Men's Restroom Rm. 1018
San Nicolas | Lobby All Gender Restroom Rm. 1014
San Miguel | Lobby All Gender Restroom Rm. 1040
Manzanita Village | Restroom Rm.1011 in De Anza Building
San Rafael | Lobby All Gender Restroom Rm. 1175A
Santa Catalina North | All Gender Restroom Rm. 0429
Santa Catalina South | All Gender Restroom Rm. 023

All Residence Halls | Gaucho Safer Sex Peers Rooms
Student Health
Sierra Clinic (Silver Hallway) | All Gender Restrooms A & B
Granada Clinic (Green Hallway) | All Gender Restroom
Student Health Front Desk
Health & Wellness Office
Other Campus Locations
Student Resource Building (SRB) | 1st Floor Men's & Women's Restrooms
SRB | Women's Center Front Desk
SRB | RCSGD Main Hallway

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Relationship Health

There are so many relationships on campus: hookups, friends with benefits, romantic, sexual, platonic and more! Learning to navigate and self advocate in relationships can improve the mutual benefits of any relationship! Learning relationship phases, communication skills, identifying personal boundaries, and clarifying your own values are wonderful tools to have as you create new relationships in your life at UC Santa Barbara and beyond!

Relationship Health Tips

Tip #1
In the first phase of romantic relationships, Attraction, testosterone (androgens) spike in all sexes and are responsible for feelings of nervousness and excitement and typically make you ignore red flags exhibited by your partner.
Tip #2
CARE (Campus Advocacy and Resource Center) offers free student services for students impacted by sexual assault, dating/domestic violence, and stalking.
Tip #3
It is not until the final phase of a romantic relationship that oxytocin increases, which is the main hormone responsible for unrequited acts of love, and general feelings of fondness and connection with a person(s).

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