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Gaucho Sleep Challenge

Gaucho Sleep Challenge

Our need for sleep is biologically driven but how many people actually understand the purpose, function, and experience of sleep?

Healthy Sleep Challenge Goals:

  1. Discover how sleep impacts your academic & physical performance
  2. Learn about your unique sleep needs and how it impacts your functioning & mood
  3. Discover healthy ways to improve your sleep and sleep quality



The information collected by the Gaucho Sleep Challenge will be kept private and confidential by Health and Wellness. We do however use the information to inform our programing in an effort to provide relevant health promotion services to students at UCSB.  

To be entered in our random drawing for a prize, you must complete the Pre and Post Surveys as well as Days 1-7 of the Online Sleep Challenge. You will be notified the week of November 5th if you have won. All prizes must be claimed in person at Health and Wellness in Student Health,  Granada “Green” hallway.