Our Mission Statement

Support the flourishing of students as they navigate the University experience for academic success and a fulfilling life.

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Pet Therapy Week

The dogs are coming!  Every quarter, Health & Wellness puts on Pet Therapy Week, where animals are being used in a variety of medical and non-medical settings to help reduce stress, anxiety and other health concerns. While we can't bring our ususal therapy dogs to campus right now, all UCSB students, staff and faculty are invited to share in on-line pet therapy programming week 9. Keep an eye out for ways to get your own pet in on the action, or just enjoy pet therapy week from the comfort of your own home. 

'DTD- Home'



Each quarter, we offer weekly drop-in meditation sessions, campus collaboration events, and a 4-week meditation workshop series called Koru. Our mediation programs are rooted in the research backed findings of mindfulness as a stress reduction tool. Mindfulness has been found to be particularly helpful for improvements in focus, attention, self-compassion and even sleep! Facilitated by a trained instructor, all offerings are beginner friendly with no experience or particular beliefs needed. Come join us! *Currently all offerings will be over Zoom

'Outdoor Meditation'


GSA Painted Cabernet

Relax and paint from the comfort of your own home while also meeting other Graduate Students! Not artistic? Don’t worry. This class is perfect for everyone, from the not so artistic to experienced painters! This grad student exclusive event is the perfect mindful activity to reduce your stress, exercise your creative muscles, and connect with other grads! Updated and offered online through Zoom, an instructor from Santa Barbara's own, The Painted Cabernet will guide you through one step at a time.

'GSA Painted Cabernet'


Noteworthy News


Our department has partnered with the UCSB Library to create the Well-being Resources Collection. Almost 80 new titles are now accessible at the UCSB Library, almost half are e-books and half are print books. As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect mental health, this collection spans a range of topics, including positive psychology, stress management, mindfulness, community-building, and many others.

Wellbeing Library Collection

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Our Vision Statement

Students are thriving because they learn, live and achieve in an environment where they feel a sense of belonging, connectedness, and personal impact. Students’ health and well-being is embedded in the campus culture and valued as integral to everyone’s success at UC Santa Barbara and post-graduation. Students’ are engaged in habits that strengthen their well-being, are compassionate people who advocate for the health of all individuals.

Health & Wellness is committed to supporting a diverse campus environment. All of our events are open to the whole UCSB student body and we encourage everyone to participate in our services.