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This online seven-day challenge sheds light on the science of sleep. Our challenge will give you tips on how to track a sleep schedule, inform you on how what you consume affects your sleep and help you learn more about your own personal sleep habits.

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The Department of Health and Wellness is currently conducting research on the UCSB Sleep Challenge. Ultimately, our goal is to determine the effectiveness of our online sleep education program. Students will be given the option to indicate whether they would like to opt in or out of participating in the research in the pre-survey. Regardless, all students (whether or not they participate in research) who complete the pre-survey, 7 modules, and the post-survey will be entered in the randomly selected giveaway for one of twenty $30 Amazon Gift Cards. 

If you opt in to participate in the research, your Sleep Challenge data will be confidential and de-identified. You will also be asked to give your email in the pre-survey so that we can conduct a follow-up 30 days after the Sleep Challenge has completed. If you complete this follow up, you will be entered in an additional but separate randomly selected giveaway for one of twenty $10 Amazon Gift Cards.  

If you opt out of participating in the research, your Sleep Challenge data will be de-identified and NOT be used in our research. We will only use your data to inform our Sleep Challenge programming, and to guide any future improvements to the challenge. 

You may contact Sharleen O’Brien, PsyD, UCSB Assistant Dean and Director of Health & Wellness,  at Sharleen.OBrien@sa.ucsb.edu or (805) 893-5480 if you have questions or concerns about the survey.  If you have questions about your rights as a research participant, you may contact the Human Subjects Committee at (805) 893-3807 or hsc@research.ucsb.edu or write to University of California Human Subjects Committee, Office of Research, Santa Barbara, CA. 93106-2050.

General overview of what the 7-day challenge will look like: 

1. Take the Pre-Survey. (Sunday- Monday)
The pre-survey will consist of three components. First, you will indicate whether you would like to participate in research. If you say yes, you will be asked to read and sign a consent form and give us your email. If you say no, you will simply continue to the next portion of the pre-survey. Next, you will take a series of validated scales that will be asking you questions about sleep behaviors and attitudes. Lastly, you will be asked to take a fun, short quiz that will answer, “What animal do you sleep like?” Based on the animal that you get, certain modules will be recommended for you. (Note: These are only recommendations! Pick modules that speak the most to you.) The pre-survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. 

2. The Challenge begins! Pick one module each day. (Monday-Sunday)
After you take the pre-survey, you should complete one module every day for 7 days. Every module includes short, easy to read summaries of peer-reviewed research in the field of sleep science. At the end, you will take a short 5-10 minute survey that will assess how much you have learned as well as how helpful you found the module. 

The following is a example of a student’s potential path through the challenge
Monday: Sleep Debt
Tuesday: Mood
Wednesday: Meditation
Thursday: Naps
Friday: Bedtime Routines
Saturday: Sleep and Health
Sunday: Decreasing Daytime Sleepiness 

3. Take the Post-Survey (Sunday-Monday)
The post-survey will also consist of two components. First, you will once again be asked to answer a series of validated scales asking questions about sleep attitudes and behaviors. Next, you will be asked to give feedback on the challenge. H&W strives to serve students, and getting your feedback is one way we can continue to improve based on your needs. Lastly, whether or not you are participating in research, you will be asked to give us your UCSB email address if you would like to be entered into the randomly selected giveaway, We only use your email to contact you if you have won a prize. 

The following translations were completed by our talented student interns and are to be used as supplements to aid in the understanding of the English version for students. Please keep in mind that some words or phrases do not translate directly into other languages. If there are any discrepancies between the versions, please follow and adhere to what is written in the English version or email us at sa-hw.interns@ucsb.edu for clarification.

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