Do you need help figuring out how to prepare simple meals within your budget? Do you feel like you need more support in the kitchen? Not sure what to make for dinner or how to best shop to meet your budget? To make your transition to campus smoother, the Department of Health & Wellness would like to offer you access to our very own Home Cooking Peers.
Our coaches are trained in various areas such as cooking simple, healthy, affordable recipes, budgeting, meal planning, and kitchen safety. So no matter what resource you need, you will have access to us via our flexible appointment system! Join us for a one-on-one appointment, or feel free to invite your housemates to learn along with you.

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To schedule a virtual (Zoom) appointment, please browse the available Home Cooking Peers and select the person and amount of time you would like to meet for. Once you are booked with a Home Cook Peer on Shoreline, you will be emailed a Google Calendar invitation.

Appointments are distributed on an ongoing, first-come-first-serve basis. 


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Our Home Cooking Peers



Hi my name is Em (she/her) and I’m a third-year Biology major. I’m passionate about choosing foods that are healthy for both me and the environment. I can also help you learn more about nutrition, food empowerment, sustainable eating, intuitive eating, and kitchen skills. I follow a vegetarian diet, but frequently cook vegan. Some of my favorite recipes right now include jackfruit and shishito pepper tacos, sesame noodles and roasted potatoes. I’m fluent in English and Spanish.



Hello! My name is Jacquie (she/her/ella) and I am a Health Educator with the Department of Health and Wellness. I can help you learn about nutrition and intuitive eating, getting creative while cooking (with ingredient substitutions) to prevent food waste and stretch your dollar, and cooking or shopping on a budget. Some of my favorite recipes are tofu stir-fry, Quinoa salads, and all of the Mexican recipes that my mother passed on to me (fresh salsas, arroz, frijoles, tostadas, ceviche, albondigas, etc.). I am fluent in English and Spanish.



Hello! My name is Kat (she/her) and I am one of the Health Promotion/Food, Nutrition, Basic Skills Interns for the Department of Health and Wellness. I am a fourth year Psychological and Brain Sciences major. I’m passionate about cooking quick and fast meals that are easy to grab on the go— as well as in recipes that work best for meal prep plans— and my interests are in one-pot meals, ingredient substitutions, and cooking on a budget. My favorite foods to make are miso soup with udon noodles, sauteed brussel sprouts, mushroom quinoa, and overnight oats in acai juice is currently one of my favorite breakfast meals. I am also fluent in Mandarin.



Hello, my name is Mallory (she/her) and I am a Health Educator with the Department of Health and Wellness. I can help you learn about cooking on a budget, setting up a successful cooking space, minimizing food waste, ingredient substitutions, and cooking for different dietary restrictions. My favorite thing to make is all things breakfast, and my go-to quick meal is anything with eggs. I also like to garden and grow a lot of my own veggies, so I am happy to talk about that as well.


Hello, my name is Nathan (he/they), and I’m a 4th year and a FNBS Intern with the Department of Health and Wellness. I can help you with choosing kitchen equipment, stocking up your pantry, meal prepping, and general safety around the kitchen. I enjoy cooking large batches of chicken early in the week, to make enchiladas and salads through the week with no hassle! My favorite recipes are enchiladas and Caldo de Pollo. Besides chicken, I follow a mainly pescatarian/vegetarian diet. I am fluent in English and Spanish.