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Spring Quarter is a great time to start practicing self-care while having fun! Health & Wellness has many events for this quarter so stay tuned for an update on each week's activities.

*CMP will be cancelled on Tuesday, June 6th will be moved to take place from 1-3pm during the Rejuvenation Station. Therefore, it will take place in SRB MPR. There will be a total of 4 mini meditation sessions offered ruing this time and each is free, and drop in style. Each mini meditation will be no longer than 15 minutes each.

Rejuvenation Station is Tuesday, June 6th from 12pm-4pm in SRB MPR. We have everything you need to recharge your batteries! Experience an awesome 10-min chair massage by a certified massage therapist. Take a nap or meditate, grab a snack and tea, or simply stop by for some free swag!

Study Break is Friday, June 9th from 11:30am-1:30pm in the Library Instruction & Training Room 1312. Stop by for a healthy study break and invest in your wellbeing during finals week! Experience a relaxing massage by a certified massage therapist. There will be puppies to pet on the lawn outside the library. Stretch, meditate, play with puzzles & coloring books, grab a snack & tea, or simply stop by for free scantrons and stress balls!

Nap Stations are held on Mondays and Wednesdays every week. Mondays are for Graduate Students only and Wednesdays are for Undergraduate Students only. They are from 3:30-5pm in Building 434 Room 147. Our Nap Station provides students a safe, comfortable and cozy place to nap in the center of campus. Note: Nap stations are not available during week 10 and finals week.

Community Mindfulness Practice happens on campus every Tuesday and Friday. Each session is quick enough to fit in your busy schedule, but effective enough to feel the mindfulness benefits throughout the week! Theses sessions are completely free to students and are led by community professionals, so any and all experience levels are welcome! To receive weekly updates and reminders, be sure to follow UCSB's Meditation Facebook page here.

Want to know more information about mindfulness? Watch this cool video here.

This Week

Rejuvenation Station:
SRB MPR, 12-4pm
Community Mindfulness Practice: SRB MPR, 1-3pm

Advocate Meeting: Building 434, Room 147, 7-9pm

Study Break: Library Instruction & Training Room 1312, 11:30am-1:30pm
Community Mindfulness Practice, Guided Meditation with Spencer Sherman, PhD:
South Hall, Room 1623, 1:00pm-2:00pm

Our Mission Statement

UCSB Health & Wellness Program promotes the mental, physical and social health of all students by enhancing individual skills and positive relationships with families, peers and the UCSB/Isla Vista community.

Health & Wellness staff works within a comprehensive research-based framework to foster healthy campus learning environments that nurture optimal student development, resilience and well-being.

Health & Wellness is committed to supporting a diverse campus environment. All of our events are open to the whole UCSB student body and we encourage everyone to participate in our services.  See our diversity statement.