Health and Wellness Services Map

Blue- Why The Fruit bowls
Yellow- Wellness Centers
Red- CMP, Advocate Classroom, IV Outreach
Green- Student Stress Management

Later This Month

Mindful Monday: Tai Chi
    January 22 @ Loma Pelona Center, 5-6:30pm

Mastering Marinades
    January 24 @ SRB MPR, 5-6pm

Sick at School
    January 30 @ SRB MPR, 6-7pm

Our Mission Statement

UCSB Department of Health & Wellness promotes the mental, physical and social health of all students by enhancing individual skills and positive relationships with families, peers and the UCSB & Isla Vista community.

The Department of Health & Wellness' staff works within a comprehensive research-based framework to foster healthy campus learning environments that nurture optimal student development, resilience and well-being.

The Department of Health & Wellness is committed to supporting a diverse campus environment. All of our events are open to the whole UCSB student body and we encourage everyone to participate in our services.  See our diversity statement.